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The top twelve reasons why we love WordPress are good reasons for you to, too. After all, the more you can do to be seen online among the millions of websites, today, the more likely you are to succeed, no matter what your niche.

Some might automatically assume the top reason we love WordPress is because it’s the number one CMS (content management system) in the world, by a lot. However, although true, that’s not our number one reason. The reason why WordPress is number one is because it just has so much too offer.

Here are our top twelve reasons we love WordPress – and why you should, too:



1. The top reason we love WordPress

Is the same thing that drives much of today’s very successful developments – Open Source. WordPress is build by a very large community of developers who love to create software the way Michelangelo loved to paint. They are artists who make really, really good software. Furthermore, this means WordPress isn’t owned by any one person or organization. Instead, it is a community open to all, giving us total freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want to.



2. The sheer simplicity of WordPress.

I used to code all my own websites from scratch, until I realized I could have a really nice, professional-looking website up and running for pretty much anything within a few minutes. With many of today’s popular webhosts, getting a website up and running to promote your business is literally as simple as answering a few questions, choosing a domain name, picking a web hosting plan, and clicking a confirmation button.


3. WordPress has an app for that.

Okay, they’re called plugins, but who’s keeping track? The fact is that if you think of something you wish your website had, somebody has probably created a free plugin for that. Plugins extend your site’s functionality in almost any way you can imagine. There are premium plugins available for some processes, but they usually have a free version that works pretty well on its own.


4. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly.

In fact, the search engines love WordPress, because WordPress does such an awesome job of making it easy to optimize any website for the search engines. With its native functionality, plus powerful plugins like Jetpack, Google simply loves WordPress blogs and websites.


5. It’s easy to learn and use.

I mean, WordPress is really, really easy to learn and use. The admin panel is intuitive, so just starting from the top of the menu and working down really will have you up and running, even if you hate reading instructions. You don’t need to learn coding such as html, php or css, but if you like using them, no problem. You can. Furthermore, if you do know these codes, feel free to play with it. Pretty much any part of the system can be tweaked, changed, customized, or rewritten. Trust me, though… if you’re like me, you know you should always do a backup of what you already like in case you want to go back. BTW, backing up and restoring to an earlier date is easy, too.



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6. The WordPress support community is awesome.

There are tens of millions of websites running on WordPress, with thousands of passionate users, engineers and designers working in, testing and updating WordPress every single day. This means functionality is constantly improving and bugs get fixed almost before you can report them. The WordPress community knowledge base is incredibly large, with many people ready, willing and happy to help anyone, anytime, with virtually anything.


7. WordPress Themes.

WordPress themes are almost endless for variety and application. A number of free themes come automatically with a fresh install, whether you upload from a Zip file, yourself, or load it directly within your website manager. Furthermore, there are many other free themes available, virtually unlimited, gorgeous paid themes with a very wide range of prices, plus you can create your own, fully customized theme for your exact needs.


8. No commitment to a layout.

Right along with the fact that there are probably thousands of ready-made themes available is the fact that you can change your theme whenever you want to. There’s no need to worry and fret about how it will look or if it will work properly for your needs, because you can try the new theme, then revert back if it doesn’t work the way you want it to. Did I mention it’s always a good idea, on any platform, to backup everything before making changes, just in case, say, lightning strikes your laptop in the middle of something?


9. Adding media is super simple.

Whether you’re adding a photo, video or audio clip, it’s easy. Very. Easy.


10. Super easy to add pages.

In fact, adding a page in WordPress and having it show up properly labelled and linked everywhere it should in menus, etc., literally takes seconds. It takes about as long as it takes to type in the name of a blog post and decide if it will be in the main menu or a sub-directory via a handy drop-down menu. WordPress does the rest – it’s almost magical! You don’t need any code.


11. Security.

There are people actively trying to hack, divert and steal from organizations and their clients all the time. That very large WordPress support community mentioned above is constantly monitoring for bugs, hacks and other potential hazards that could cost a business thousands of dollars. There are some pretty hardcore free security plugins available, plus WordPress is one of the first to allow very long, virtually unbreakable passwords that allow every character on a typical keyboard.


12. Publishing and publicity.

With WordPress, it’s really easy to create a page exactly the way you want to, and a snap to check to see what it looks like live, before publishing. Any page can be created in Visual (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) or in text (code). Then by clicking the preview button, another window opens showing what it would look like live. Everything can be checked until everything including SEO is perfect for the page, then it can be published.

This is the point at which, on most other platforms, you would begin the painstaking process of going to your various social media accounts to tell them about the new page or blog article. However, in the settings of your WordPress admin area, you can set your sharing settings to that when you click to publish your latest blog article, it will automatically send notification to ALL the social media platforms you chose in your settings.

That is just simply awesome! These are the top twelve reasons we love WordPress. What about you? Are you loving your WordPress already? What are your reasons? Feel free and comment below!